Timber Frame & The Benefits

     What Is Timber Frame
As its name implies, Timber Frame construction is a method of building which relies on a Timber Frame as a basic means
     of structural support, Stiffened by sheathing material, the frame is capable of withstanding lateral loads and of supporting
     Multi-Storey and wide span structures.

     Factory-manufactured Timber Frame guarantees the highest level of accuracy and quality and significantly simplifies on site

     During Construction the Timber Frame walls are filled with high performance non-combustible insulation and covered with
     plasterboard. Moisture and vapour barriers are incorporated and the outer-leaf of the wall which can be any standard finish
     such as Stone, Brick, Block and Render, Tile Hanging and Timber completes the structure.

     Thousands of Timber Frame Homes, Hotels, Flats, Leisure and Public Buildings are constructed in the UK every year and
     Is one of the most successful building methods used throughout the World today.
     Timber Frame is a method of construction which offers designers greater flexibility with cost effectiveness.

     The NHBC, which inspects and insures many
     thousands of Timber Frame Homes ever year,
     "States" our claims records actually show that
     these houses tend to perform better than
     Traditional homes as more of the dwelling is
     made under closely Supervised factory conditions

     In the UK there is a heritage of Timber Frame
     Houses, built hundreds of years ago, they are a
     standing testament to the Durability of this
     method of construction.
     All of Neatwood Homes packages are
     manufactured within our own modern
     Factory premises, all units being individually
     engineered by a qualified Structural Timber
     Neatwood Homes are able to offer a highly
     controlled and effective service with a very cost

     effective package to its clients.

What Do Each Of These Building Have In Common


They all use

Timber Frame

Benefits For The Customer

                          Life Style :    High levels of insulation means warm comfortable accommodation.
                                               Flexible Construction method for ease of future modification.
                                               Good Acoustic properties means reduced noise levels.
                                               Environmentally friendly home.

   Dimensionally Accurate :     The dimensional accuracy which Timber Frame is produced in means that
                                                Walls are vertical and flat and rooms are square making decorating and
                                                The installation of carpets and fitted furniture less demanding.

            Low Maintenance
              & Running Costs :     
Typically 40 % lower Heating bills. Reduced snagging due to dry construction.
                                                Low cyclic maintenance needs. Smaller boiler capacity due to higher Insulation Levels.

Benefits For The Builder, Developer & Self-Builder

                              1.   Speed of construction

                              2.   Not Weather Dependant

                              3.   Lighter Foundation

                              5.   Removes outer cladding from critical path

                              6.   No drying out time

                              7.   Reduces Material handling and distribution

                              8.   Design Flexibility

                              9.   Reduced Build cost

                              10.  Improved site productivity

                              11.  Reduced waste

                              12.  Better Quality = Fewer call backs

                              13.  Reduced Programme

                              14.  Self-building using Timber Frame Is more cost affective

                              15.  By using Timber Frame the Self-Builder can expect to save 15 % - 25% in build costs

If You Would Like Further Information On Timber Frame And Its Benefits
Then Please Visit The UK Timber Frame Association Website

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